Free Resources

It is important to us that all our families can access the benefits of mindfulness and support our children with this important skill development. Please enjoy these free resources you can use at home or in the classroom.

Guided Mindfulness Practices

Straight Back Soft Belly (For Children)

Tuara Tōtika, Puku Ngohengohe (For Children)

Coming Home (For Children)

Happy Heart (For Children)

Short Mindful Breathing Practice (For Adults/Young Adults)

Brief Emotion Regulation Practice (For Adults/Young Adults)

Loving Kindness Practice
(For Adults/Young Adults)


Breathe Easy with Hikitia te Ha

The Gratitude Experiment


The Science of Kindness

Outrageous Bursts of All Right

We are All Connected

Animation: Yearly Biosphere Cycle shows Earth 'Breathing'