Supporting Wellbeing

Pause Breathe Smile aims to create a healthier New Zealand by teaching mind health skills to help kiwi kids navigate life's challenges.

Mind health

Many schools are beginning to introduce children to mindfulness through the Pause Breathe Smile programme. This is to support emotional and mental wellbeing development.  Children quickly understand the usefulness of mindfulness and adapt the Pause Breathe Smile methods in their daily interactions. 

The programme is being implemented in primary and intermediate schools nationwide and is supported by the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.  Research shows that it leads to significant increases in childhood wellbeing.  

Healthy minds are just as important as healthy bodies. Pause Breathe Smile helps kids learn important emotion regulation skills, develops self-awareness and kindness. It builds emotional literacy and resilience  and helps our kids to develop a positive sense of connection to themselves, others and the natural world.

Evaluation of the programme shows improvements in calmness and reduced stress, attention, behaviour and compassion for self and others.

Talk to your school to see if Pause Breathe Smile professional development training is a good fit for their teachers.