Try the free Pause Breathe Smile app!

Introducing the Pause Breathe Smile app! Designed for trained educators to support implementation of Pause Breathe Smile lessons in the classroom.  It also features a small selection of meditations for whānau to practice at home.

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The Pause Breathe Smile app puts the programme’s mindfulness practices at your fingertips. Whether you are just starting to implement Pause Breathe Smile with your tamariki, or they are well versed in the programme and ready to try something new, the Pause Breathe Smile app will support classroom mindfulness.

Lessons 1 – 7 practices are available in both te reo Māori and English as part of your classroom learning of the Pause Breathe Smile lessons.

Beyond Lesson 8 practices extend the mindfulness foundation that you’ve built with your learners, providing variety and more opportunities to bring mindfulness into your school day.

Educator wellbeing practices – you can’t pour from an empty cup! Support your own wellbeing and prioritise a little time each day for your own mindfulness practice. 


At Home

Everyone can try some of the Pause Breathe Smile mindfulness practices.

The app includes a selection of mindfulness practices for tamariki, teens and the adults of the family.

At Home mindfulness practices are available in both Te Reo Māori and English.

The Pause Breathe Smile app is a fantastic new tool to support teachers to deliver the programme in schools - and it’s in both English and Te Reo. It’s also available to anyone to use, with mindfulness sessions for both children and adults. I’m using it each morning to get the day off to a great start, wherever I happen to be!
Sir Ashley Bloomfield