Pause, Breathe, Smile featured in new “Mindfulness and Education” book

“The contributions in this volume reflect and capture the diversity of approaches to research-linked mindfulness programmes being implemented in contemporary education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.”

The recent publication of Mindfulness and Education: Research and Practice, by Cambridge Scholars Publishing includes a chapter written by Grant Rix. Here’s a snippet from Grant’s chapter, called Mindful Aotearoa: Promoting the Benefits of Mindfulness Grounded in Local Context and Understanding:

“…It is proposed that these two further mindfulness skills of 1) responding skillfully to a situation with awareness rather than habitual reactivity, and 2) learning what does and does not support wellbeing based on prior experience, result from the intentional development of the first two aspects of mindfulness described above. Thus, a framework for considering mindfulness for flourishing might look something like this:

1. Cultivating the ability to pay attention to an object/event within the wider frame of sensory and conceptual awareness (e.g., a physical sensation, passing emotion, train of thought, sights, sounds and so forth);
2. Allowing space for that object/event to be (and therefore to pass), which will benefit from the cultivation of curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love;
3. Clearly seeing the current situation for what it is, in the light of awareness, and responding skillfully in a way that accords with the current situation, and not solely on the basis of (for example) established schemas and/or ideological views;
4. Learning through this direct, engaged experience with the current situation what does/does not support flourishing and making wise choices based on this direct understanding.

In this way, it is suggested that when we are mindful, we develop an enhanced ability to appreciate life’s beauty, and to respond to life’s challenges in considered rather than reactive ways.” Pp.114-115.

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