Mindful Movements


Mindful movements is a core components of the PBS program. It simply means to bring our attention to our bodies as they move. The body is always grounded in the present moment, it is the mind that wanders – mindful movements helps us to get out of our heads, by redirecting our attention to our bodies. Any movement can be a mindful movement, yoga, walking, stretching. When done mindfully, these help us to come back to the present moment.

Through a series of movements, children learn to notice the sensations of their bodies. In doing so it helps to calm the mind and increase interoceptive awareness, which means awareness of the body. Higher levels of interoceptive awareness are linked to higher levels of wellbeing. This is partly due to the fact that emotions are a physiological sensation in the body, for example, butterflies, tight chest, racing heart etc. By practicing mindful movements, we get better at noticing the sensations of emotions in our bodies and in turn, calm the nervous system and help to regulate the emotion.

Mindful movements is a great practice for children who struggle to practice mindfulness sitting still. One of our PBS classes even scored their best ever test result after practicing mindful movements before the test.

“When the body is calm, the mind is calm too.”