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Guided Mindfulness Practices - Recorded Resources

The professionally-recorded guided practice resources listed in the table below are to be played to the classroom during that week’s lesson. They are accessed by you, the certified PBS educator, by clicking on each file image.

The specific guided practice for each week’s lesson should be played at least one more time during that week (in addition to the day of the lesson). The rest of the week the classroom can practice ‘Straight Back-Soft Belly’ and / or ‘Coming Home’.

Lesson 1*: Coming Home Straight Back-Soft Belly

Lesson 2*: Happiness Here and Now
Coming Home*

Lesson 3: Everything for the First Time
Making Friends with the Body

Lesson 4: All Things Rising and Falling
Feelings are the Language of the Body

Lesson 5: Neurons That Fire Together Wire Together
Here in this Body, Now in this Moment

Lesson 6: Kind Heart, Happy Heart
Happy Heart Practice*

and Happy Heart with Visualisation

Lesson 7: Everything is Connected to Everything Else
Breathing with the Green Plants

Lesson 8: Touching Base, Touching Stillness
Class Choice

Mindful Movements
Breathe Easy with Hikitia Te Hā
The Gratitude Experiment
The Science of Kindness
Outrageous Bursts of All Right
We are All Connected
Animation: Yearly Biosphere Cycle shows Earth 'Breathing'

* The three guided practice resources called “Straight Back-Soft Belly”, “Coming Home” and "Happy Heart Practice" are available on the PBS Free Resources page of the MEG website for open use.
Other videos that are referred to in your handbook and are recommended viewing for the students are also available on the MEG website PBS Free Resources page.

Classroom guided practices for teenagers

Week One:Straight Back Soft Belly (Teen)


Week Two: Coming Home (Teen)


Week Three: Body Scan


Week Four: Feelings are the Language of the Body (Teen)


Week Five: Here in this Body, Now in this Moment (Teen)


Week Six: Happy Heart Practice (Teen)


Week Seven: Breathing with the Green Plants (Teen)


Week Eight: Student Choice (Teen)

Classroom guided practices in Māori

Week One:
Straight Back Soft Belly

Week Two:
Coming Home

Week Three:
Body Scan

Week Four:
Feelings are the Language of the Body

Week Five:
Here In This Body, Now In This Moment

Week Six:
Happy Heart Practice

Week Seven:
Breathing With The Green Plants


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PBS Tutorial Videos

Guided Mindfulness Practices for Personal Use

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