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To support your school’s communication with families about the implementation of Pause Breathe Smile within your kura, we have some suggested copy to support you.  Feel free to amend to suit your own schools communication style


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We are a Pause Breathe Smile school

Pause Breathe Smile is a mind health programme designed to help tamariki learn essential skills to help them manage the ups and downs of life and set them up for a healthy future. It is delivered in schools, by our teachers, and is aligned to the New Zealand curriculum. Southern Cross funds Pause Breathe Smile which means our school can access the programme and resouces for free.

Pause Breathe Smile is locally developed and is internationally recognised. Research results show that Pause Breathe Smile increases wellbeing, reduces stress, boosts conflict resolution skills and enhances self-awareness. You can find out more about Pause Breathe Smile at

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Pause Breathe Smile: Parent Information

Our school is beginning to introduce our children to wellbeing and mindfulness-based techniques through New Zealand’s Pause Breathe Smile programme. We are doing this as part of a commitment to support our learner’s emotional and mental wellbeing development.  Children quickly understand the usefulness of the techniques learnt and adapt the Pause Breathe Smile methods in their daily interactions. Pause Breathe Smile is implemented in schools nationwide and the published research studies show that it leads to significant increases in wellbeing and improved resilience.

Our aim is to focus on building our children’s wellbeing, social skills development and improving self-awareness and emotion regulation.  New Zealand has the highest rates of bullying and youth suicide in the western world and we, as a school, are committed to ensuring our children are provided with evidence-based support to try our best to prepare them for the daily pressures of modern life.

Pause Breathe Smile is a programme developed by Pause Breathe Smile Director Grant Rix whilst at the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.  Access to Pause Breathe Smile is free for all Primary and Intermediate schools in New Zealand through funding by Southern Cross.

Pause Breathe Smile programme can support your child by:

  • Increasing calmness
  • Improving focus & attention
  • Enhancing self-awareness
  • Developing conflict resolution skills & positive relationships

Additionally, this programme is aligned with the NZ education curriculum.  With the skills and techniques taught in Pause Breathe Smile, other areas of their study should also benefit.

Our teachers will be completing the full educator training programme during term XXXX and we’ll be ready to begin implementing it in the classroom in term XXX.

You can find out more about PBS at

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